Our products were created to provide deep relaxation and comfort from the pain caused primarily from back pain. We want to introduce to you a way to ease some of this pain, to aid in releasing the tension you may feel, in order to have a calm sleep, wake up refreshed and energized to enjoy an easier day ahead… The Hero Shrew Acupressure Mat and Pillow are here to do exactly that! To enable you to live a better life by offering you ways to relax and feel rejuvenated.

Hero Shrew - Relax your way to pain relief

The idea behind it
This line of products is aimed primarily for people that are in pain, particularly back pain. From personal experience, suffering from multiple spine issues and chronic back pain can be the consequence of many causes, ultimately resulting in lack of sleep, low morale, depression etc. I've suffered from chronic back pain for more than 20 years and have tried a variety of treatments, products, medications, remedies, injections…the list goes on! The one product I found that has helped improve my quality of life without any side effects, is the ‘needle stimulation mat’, otherwise known as ‘spike mat’ or ‘acupressure mat’. After recommending such products to family and friends with similar issues and using different types of mats, I decided to launch my own version. My intention was to improve the products I have already tested, in order to be more effective, with strong penetration and top quality materials, while providing comfort. As a result, our first line of products came to life to save the day… the Hero Shrew acupressure Mat & Pillow..

Hero Shrew acupressure mat and pillow


The origins of the name Hero Shrew
The inspiration for the Hero Shrew name came about from a type of mammal deriving from the Shrew family that inhabits in Africa and was discovered to have a very sturdy spine, making it the mammal with the strongest, interlocking spine in the world. The Shrew can bear a huge amount of weight on its back. This evolution of its unusual and remarkably strong spine is unknown. Local tribes in Africa respect and honor the Shrew, which is also believed to have magical powers, giving courage and protection from injuries during battle. For an interesting read please click here: